• Resistance of damping materials to impact loading
  • Crashworthiness of aircraft materials in high velocity impact
  • Soft body impact on components of aeroengines
  • Blade release and its effects on aeroengines
  • Foreign Object Damage (hard body impact on components of aeroengines)
  • High velocity impact on aircraft structures
  • Fast fracture in toughened glass


  • Modelling of behaviour of automotive aluminium materials and jointing systems subjected to impact loading
  • Improved failure modelling for car crashworthiness
  • Impact engineering with high strength steels


  • Failure modelling for shape charge impact
  • Experimental evaluation of composite materials subjected to hydraulic shock
  • Impact engineering with ceramic materials for armour applications
  • Multi-scale modelling of composite materials subjected to underwater explosion

Software development

  • Discrete Elements Simulation Tools (DEST)
  • openGJK (link)
  • Inverse modelling tools