Dr Gustavo Quino Quispe


Postdoctoral research associate


gustavo.quinoquispe [at] eng.ox.ac.uk

Research Interests

  • Composite materials
  • Material ageing
  • Constitutive modelling
  • Experimental mechanics
  • Material characterisation
  • Polymers


G. Quino*, Y. Chen, K. R. Ramakrishnan, F. Martínez-Hergueta, G. Zumpano, A. Pellegrino, N. Petrinic, Speckle patterns for DIC in challenging scenarios: rapid application and impact endurance,” Meas. Sci. Technol., Jul. 2020.
G. Quino, A. Pellegrino, V. L. Tagarielli*, N. Petrinic, “Effects of water absorption on the mechanical properties of GFRPs,” Compos. Sci. Technol., p. 108316, Jun. 2020.
D. Thomson*, G. Quino, H. Cui, A. Pellegrino, B. Erice, and N. Petrinic, “Strain-rate and off-axis loading effects on the fibre compression strength of CFRP laminates: Experiments and constitutive modelling,” Compos. Sci. Technol., vol. 195, p. 108210, Jul. 2020.
G. Quino*, F. De Cola, K. Dragnevski, and N. Petrinic, “Exploring the application of sound measurements to assess the structural integrity of fibre bundles,” Proc. Struc. Integr., vol. 18, pp. 507-515, Sep. 2019.
F. De Cola, G. Quino*, K. Dragnevski, and N. Petrinic, “An extended in-situ method to improve the understanding of fracture mechanics of granular materials using sound measurements,” Eur. J. Mech. – A/Solids, vol. 76, pp. 1-12, Jul. 2019.
G. Quino, A. Pellegrino, V. L. Tagarielli*, N. Petrinic, “Measurements of the effects of pure and salt water absorption on the rate-dependent response of an epoxy matrix,” Comp. Part B., vol. 146, pp. 213–221, Aug. 2018.
G. Quino, J. El Yagoubi, and G. Lubineau*, “Characterizing the toughness of an epoxy resin after wet aging using compact tension specimens with non-uniform moisture content,” Polym. Degrad. Stab., vol. 109, pp. 319– 326, Aug. 2014.