Prof Nik Petrinic

Nik petrinic

Professor Nik Petrinic lectures on topics in Engineering Materials, Solid Mechanics and Structures. His research activities are focused on the development and integration of experimental and numerical methods for predictive modelling in Impact Engineering. His particular interests include temperature and strain rate dependent constitutive material behaviour including strain localisation, damage and fracture, as well as contact interaction for multi-body systems.
Professor Petrinic heads Oxford’s Impact Engineering Team which operates within the Impact Engineering Laboratory where corresponding research and technology-transfer projects funded by government agencies and industry are hosted.


Research topics:

  • Impact Engineering
  • Integration of experimental and numerical methods for predictive modelling of the constitutive response of materials, systems and structures to rapidly applied thermo-mechanical loading
  • Discrete/Finite Element and Meshless discretisation with parallel processing for multi-scale modelling
  • Inverse modelling
  • Damage, fracture and contact mechanics
  • Experimental characterisation of materials, systems and structures at a wide range of temperatures and strain rates
  • Metals, ceramics, composites, cellular and hybrid systems



Nik Petrinic
Dipl.Ing. Ph.D. M.A.

Department of Engineering Science
E-mail Nik.Petrinic at
Tel. (+44 or 0)1865 273172, 273812


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