Dr Antonio Pellegrino


Departmental Lecturer in Impact Engineering


antonio.pellegrino at eng.ox.ac.uk




Research Interests

  • Strain rate and environmental effects on polymer reinforced foams.
  • Development of novel experimental apparatuses
  • Dynamic strain localisation on titanium alloys
  • Artificial Intelligence applications in Solid Mechanics
  • Abradable materials
  • Granular materials
  • Mechanical behaviour of human and animal eye lenses


  • CORNERSTONE (EPSRC/ROLLS ROYCE): Mechanical Engineering Science to Enable Aero Propulsion Futures – Academic Lead for WP2 (https://cornerstone-partnership.org/work-packages/)
  • Lead Academic for the EU project CATCH21 (Characterisation of Automated Tape Composites at High Strain Rate) at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre at Ispra, Italy (public announcement 2019-1-RD-ELSA-HopLab called by European Commission – department of Space, Security and Migration).
  • Temperature and rate dependent mechanical behaviour of abradable coatings
  • Temperature and rate dependent behaviour of novel titanium alloys for containment applications
  • Dynamic behaviour of syntactic and abradable polymer foams

Selected Publications

  1. Pellegrino A, Tagarielli VL, Gerlach R, Petrinic N., 2015, The mechanical response of a syntactic polyurethane foam at low and high rates of strain, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF IMPACT ENGINEERING, Vol: 75, Pages: 214-221, ISSN: 0734-743X
  2. Pellegrino, A., De Cola, F., Dragnevski, K., & Petrinic, N. (2016). The Dynamic Response of Etnean Sand and the Effect of Its Impingement on Ti-6Al-4 V Alloy. Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials, 2(4), 438-451.
  3. Quino, G., Pellegrino, A., Tagarielli, V. L., & Petrinic, N. (2018). Measurements of the effects of pure and salt water absorption on the rate-dependent response of an epoxy matrix. Composites Part B: Engineering, 146, 213-221.
  4. Pellegrino, A., Burd, H. J., Cortés, L. P., D’Antin, J. C., Petrinic, N., Barraquer, R. I., & Michael, R. (2017). Anterior lens capsule strains during simulated accommodation in porcine eyes. Experimental eye research.
  5. Varley, L., Rutherford, M. E., Zhang, L., & Pellegrino, A. (2020). The Mechanical Response of Wet Volcanic Sand to Impact Loading, Effects of Water Content and Initial Compaction. Journal of Dynamic Behavior of Materials, 6(3), 358-372.
  6. Zhou, J., Pellegrino, A., Heisserer, U., Duke, P. W., Curtis, P. T., Morton, J., … & Tagarielli, V. L. (2019). A new technique for tensile testing of engineering materials and composites at high strain rates. RSPSA, 475(2229), 20190310.
  7. Zhang, L., Pellegrino, A., Townsend, D., & Petrinic, N. (2020). Strain rate and temperature dependent strain localization of a near α titanium alloy. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 145, 103676.
  8. Li, D., Pellegrino, A., Hallack, A., Petrinic, N., Jérusalem, A., & Cleveland, R. O. (2018). Response of Single Cells to Shock Waves and Numerically Optimized Waveforms for Cancer Therapy. Biophysical journal, 114(6), 1433-1439.
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  10. De Cola, F., Pellegrino, A., Barbieri, E., Penumadu, D., & Petrinic, N. (2016). Void ratio based representative volume element for modelling the high strain rate behaviour of granular materials. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 91, 46-55.
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  12. Cui, H., Thomson, D., Pellegrino, A., Wiegand, J., & Petrinic, N. (2016). Effect of strain rate and fibre rotation on the in-plane shear response of±45° laminates in tension and compression tests. Composites Science and Technology, 135, 106-115.
  13. Cui, H., Yasaee, M., Kalwak, G., Pellegrino, A., Partridge, I. K., Hallett, S. R., … & Petrinic, N. (2017). Bridging mechanisms of through-thickness reinforcement in dynamic mode I&II delamination. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 99, 198-207.