Dr Mattia Montanari


Postdoctoral researcher

mattia.montanari at eng.ox.ac.uk
or visit personal webpage.

Exeter College


Research interests

  • Advanced modelling techniques for impacts on mechanical structures.
  • Computational geometry and contact mechanics with applications in distance measurements.
  • Reduced order models for multi-physics problems.


openGJK: A reliable and fast implementation of the Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi (GJK) algorithm for C, C# and Matlab. Link to project page.

VR and AR Oxford Hub – Bringing together people, knowledge and resources related to interactive technologies. External link.

Virtual Engine Design Systems – SILOET II Project. In collaboration with Rolls-Royce plc. From Sep. 2013 to Sept 2016.



M. Montanari, N. Petrinic, E. Barbieri. Improving the GJK algorithm for faster and more reliable distance queries between convex objectsACM Transactions on Graphics. Volume 36 Issue 3, June 2017.

M. Montanari, P. Siegkas, A. Pellegrino, N. Petrinic. Nurbs-based isogeometric analysis for ballistic evaluation of titanium plates. 7th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering, ECCOMAS Congress 2016; Crete; Greece; 5 June 2016 through 10 June 2016.