Dr Karthik Ramakrishnan


Postdoctoral research associate


karthik.ramakrishnan [at] eng.ox.ac.uk
ORC ID: 0000-0002-9171-1515




Research Interests

  • Fabrication and material characterisation of FRP composites and hybrid materials
  • Experimental impact testing from low to high velocity
  • Numerical simulation of impact response of metals, polymers and composites

Selected Publications

  1. KR Ramakrishnan, S Guérard, L Maheo, K Shankar, P Viot, “A new method for the study of parabolic impact of foam-core sandwich panels”, Composites Part B: Engineering, 2019, 167, p.717-727
  2. K Valtonen, V Ratia, KR Ramakrishnan, M Apostol, J Terva, VT Kuokkala, “Impact wear performance of steels at subzero temperatures”, Tribology International, 2019, 476-493
  3. J Pan, J Wu, KR Ramakrishnan, HK Singh, Z Zhang, “A novel modes selection technique for improving accuracy of frequency-based damage detection”, Composites Part B: Engineering, 2019, 159, p. 437-446
  4. RK Layek, KR Ramakrishnan, E Sarlin, O Orell, M Kanerva, J Vuorinen, M Honkanen, “Layered Structure Graphene Oxide / Methylcellulose Composites with Enhanced Mechanical and Gas Barrier Properties”, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2018, 6, 13203
  5. L Puech, KR Ramakrishnan, N Le Moigne, S Corn, PR Slangen, A Le Duc, H Boudhani, A Bergeret, “Investigating the impact behaviour of short hemp fibres reinforced polypropylene biocomposites through high speed imaging and finite element modelling”, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 2018, 109, p. 428-439
  6. KR Ramakrishnan, S Corn, N Le Moigne, P Ienny, R Leger, P Slangen, “High speed imaging for assessment of impact damage in natural fibre biocomposites”, Proceedings of SPIE – Optical measurement systems for industrial inspection, 2017
  7. KR Ramakrishnan, H Wang, K Shankar, A Fien, “A new method for the measurement and analysis of biomechanical energy delivered by kicking”, Sports engineering, 2017, 21
  8. KR Ramakrishnan, S Denneulin, P Viot, S Guérard, K Shankar, “Finite element modelling of the response of composite plates with block copolymer nano-reinforcements to low velocity impact”, International journal of automotive composites, 2016, 2(1)
  9. H Wang, KR Ramakrishnan, K Shankar, “Experimental study of the medium velocity impact response of sandwich panels with different cores”, Materials and Design, 2016, 99, p. 68-82
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